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Oct 8 10

Cellphone internet

by KO

I have been doing flood relief volunteer work all over Sindh, and below is a short writeup on the best internet solution I found. I was pleasantly suprised by the fact that Telenor cellphone service and internet worked just about everywhere in Sindh.

I have both Telenor and Mobilink postpaid edge, and the Telenor one is about a million times better.

I’m in rural Sindh right now, near Shikarpur, using telenor edge (through my cellphone to laptop):

Telenor also works better in Karachi as well, to the extent that I’m now going to switch over to them and drop the mobilink one altogether, as I use more internet than phone calls now.

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Sep 16 10

Ubuntu 2 year usage report

by KO

At my house, there is one pc which is in a central place and keeps all our photos and stuff. This same pc is also used by visitors and their kids, and over time a lot of different people end up using it.

It always had some form of  windows before, and problems would crop up now and then, requiring me to troubleshoot. So some time back Google released Picasa for Linux, which is what I use to manage photos, and was just about the only thing keeping me to windows.

So I took the plunge, and installed Ubuntu 9.x on it, later this morphed into 10.04.

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Aug 2 10

Back up and running!

by KO

The old host, Site5 had disabled the site without warning due to using too much resouces. I was out of internet reach when all this happened hence the long downtime…

It took some time, but it’s not back up and running at a much better host. There are some teething problems but hopefully it should be back to normal soon, and better after!

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May 7 10

Forums updated

by KO

Finally some life on this here blog - the forums have been been updated to FluxBB 1.4 RC3 from FluxBB 1.3. The big changes are more speed and a new theme (finally!). The 1.3 branch was discontinued a year ago, and didn’t have any plugins are feature development for ages, but there are plugins coming soon for the 1.4 branch. read more…

Feb 18 09

Howto do a clean install of Windows XP.

by KO

Step one is to start out with a clean version of Windows XP. The install CD should say something like “Windows XP SP3″. The SP3 part is very important - that means service pack 3 is already installed. SP3 is a good thing, so make sure the CD says it’s there. So locate this CD - if it’s not locatable than buy from the local cd store. A good practice before starting out to install windows is to make sure all the relevant software is at hand. read more…