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Forums updated

by KO on May 7th, 2010

Finally some life on this here blog - the forums have been been updated to FluxBB 1.4 RC3 from FluxBB 1.3. The big changes are more speed and a new theme (finally!). The 1.3 branch was discontinued a year ago, and didn’t have any plugins are feature development for ages, but there are plugins coming soon for the 1.4 branch.

As to what this website is, see the original blog post from over 4 years ago. This weblog itself is pretty dead - this is the first post here in over a year, but the forums are pretty active, as the stats for this year show.

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  1. Hashim permalink

    Like the new theme :P

  2. Glad to see this change and it would be better for your forum performance.

  3. Looking Nice,

  4. saeed permalink

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