<![CDATA[wiredpakistan :: A Pakistani Tech forum]]> 2011-02-25T06:19:54Z FluxBB http://wiredpakistan.com/forums/index.php <![CDATA[Funny pix]]> Okay this one is supposed to be more on the pathetic side than on the funny side. This is an actual screen capture of the "Skill Development Council" Pakistan someone sent me and I verified it myself.

Skill Development Council FAIL

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<![CDATA[Career Counseling Question]]> Ahmsun wrote:

I have a question! I need to know what is the Scope of M.Sc Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Pakistan. PU is offering the degree.

No help until now.

What will you do after that?

I think you thinking about RikoDiq in Balochistan nowadays. Is it so? tongue

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<![CDATA[Cricket: News and Discussion]]> So who here thinks that India will win the WC2011, Considering their group is pretty easy and almost all their batsman can make hundreds on these pitches easy....

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<![CDATA[Pepsi Sponsors Cricket Revolution]]> ^Ditto
Go here and meet their marketing guys
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<![CDATA[slam to every one]]> hi to all.
I have just new here. I have join this forum for increase my skill and ability and stay connected to all members.

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<![CDATA[I want to get 1mb CIR by worldcall. Is it good?]]> Worldcall is the best option.

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<![CDATA[WTH (Want to Hire) Good article writers]]> You can hire me.

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<![CDATA[Can we watch Cricket World Cup 2011 on HD in PAKISTAN?]]> Hello, you can try different brands of Dish or can try different channels online for watching live cricket matches

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<![CDATA[Phone line disconnection]]> rizla wrote:

It's still working, it's just having trouble syncing properly since blocked the outgoing calls. I just want to know if PTCL messing around with one of the services has any effect on the line quality.

yup after the service is blocked and the non-payment tape starts running on your number distortion comes in line...They will inform the LDN staff to de-patch your line from DSLAM...but this may take few months or whenyour payment with LDN ends-up.

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<![CDATA[MeriGari.com - میری گاڑی]]> nice site i am go and select my car thanks

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<![CDATA[Paypal to Cash/Bank]]> I can do it. But the source of the payment has to be legit !

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<![CDATA[Suggestions for forum]]> IconSourcing wrote:

^^ If you take interview of someone, what kind of questions you would ask.

There is an introduction thread as well, but that is only just to introduce. Interview like this will bring members more closer I guess. For the spot light member, it would be a bit of something to cheer.

I dont see any downside of it. If there are, please point out.

I support your idea. But 99% of the ideas in this thread never implemented tongue

Source: My 2.5 year experience smile

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<![CDATA[Shipping To Pakistan by USPS Priority Mail [Risky??]]]> EngeL wrote:

The website is down for me from last 24 hours.
Anybody could check ?

down on my side too..

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<![CDATA[How to check Upstream/Downstream?]]> BillaBadmash wrote:

Let me tell you the whole story so that then u tell me what to do

I have a SpeedTouch 530 v6 which is in bridge mode with Tplink TWR641G/642G v4 084125BF

My telephone goes is connected with SPeedtouch and also a network cable is connecting both the devices to each other and then there is another network cable which connect Tplink wireless router to my pc lan card to make them work in bridge mode.

now i need to access the speedtouch device which i was doind when i dont have the tplick wireless routher with and now i can see the stats of the speedtouch modem with this and all the snr margin and up and download streams are in speed touch

any idea what i am trying to say big_smile and what is the solution

bro the SNR and Line status will only be shown in "modem" not in "router"...so kindly set your routers I.P to and your modem on default this you can then access both modem and router simultaneously. But since both of your devices have same I.P ranges so only the router page will show up not the modem page...hope you understand.

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