Back up and running!

The old host, Site5 had disabled the site without warning due to using too much resouces. I was out of internet reach when all this happened hence the long downtime…

It took some time, but it’s not back up and running at a much better host. There are some teething problems but hopefully it should be back to normal soon, and better after!

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Forums updated

Finally some life on this here blog - the forums have been been updated to FluxBB 1.4 RC3 from FluxBB 1.3. The big changes are more speed and a new theme (finally!). The 1.3 branch was discontinued a year ago, and didn’t have any plugins are feature development for ages, but there are plugins coming soon for the 1.4 branch. Continue reading

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Howto do a clean install of Windows XP.

Step one is to start out with a clean version of Windows XP. The install CD should say something like “Windows XP SP3″. The SP3 part is very important - that means service pack 3 is already installed. SP3 is a good thing, so make sure the CD says it’s there. So locate this CD - if it’s not locatable than buy from the local cd store. A good practice before starting out to install windows is to make sure all the relevant software is at hand. Continue reading

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Switched over to Ubuntu Linux from Windows

I have a home pc, which used to run Windows XP.

So, to continue the story of this pc running windows, the PC had WinXP SP3, Antivirus, Anti Spyware and what not running, but thanks to a guest with a USB stick got infected with a virus/malware/rootkit which not only disabled all the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, it also blocked access to their websites! Even after downloading the antirootkit and antispyware software onto another pc, it refused to install on the infected pc.

So after doing some research on how to get rid of the viruses, I gave up after wasting two hours of my life on trying to clean up yet another virus infestation. The PC had a number of root kits and god knows what all installed on it, and after a couple of hours I went with the nuclear option - getting rid of Windows alltogether. Continue reading

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Cell phone blues

After years of decreasing prices, this month marked a turning point for the Pakistan mobile industry. Virtually all the big players have increased prices, by slapping on a 5% service charge on pre-paid celluar connections. Here is the notice from Mobilink’s website:

Dear Jazz Customer, from now onwards 5% service charges (on recharge face value) will be applicable on all recharges via Jazz Load or scratch card.
It’s hard to advertise a price increase, so the companies have chosen a very sneaky way of increasing prices - this way the advertised call rates will remain unchanged, but the actual price goes up nonetheless! This technique can also be used to lower advertised call rates - by increasing this “service charge” and adding other charges as well.
With the economy failing along with everything else as well, I think we’ve probably going not going to see lower cell phone prices for some time now.
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