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Vodafone’s web keyboard for the TV

The device is a keyboard with a standard set of RCA cables sprouting out of the back. You plug it into any TV, new or old, and turn it on. Instantly you have 2G or 3G access to an Opera … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.10 download speed on bittorrent

That picture says it all… Maxcom (now owned my PTCL) recently doubled my DSL speed to 4mbps, and while the internet still crawls in fits and starts now and then, it’s hit the big 4! Though Ubuntu has a local … Continue reading

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Iphone apps, 2010 edition

There are many iphone lists out there, almost as many as there are apps out there it seems sometimes! The Apple app store is humongous, and resembles a large flea market more than a mall, with mostly junk, a lot … Continue reading

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Cellphone internet

I have been doing flood relief volunteer work all over Sindh, and below is a short writeup on the best internet solution I found. I was pleasantly suprised by the fact that Telenor cellphone service and internet worked just about … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 2 year usage report

At my house, there is one pc which is in a central place and keeps all our photos and stuff. This same pc is also used by visitors and their kids, and over time a lot of different people end … Continue reading

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