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Ubuntu 10.10 download speed on bittorrent

by KO on December 5th, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 download speed

That picture says it all… Maxcom (now owned my PTCL) recently doubled my DSL speed to 4mbps, and while the internet still crawls in fits and starts now and then, it’s hit the big 4!

Though Ubuntu has a local server somewhere in Pakistan, so that must help - updates also download lightening fast for it. My fav part about installing Ubuntu is that I can easily install it from a USB stick - goodbye cd’s!

I wrote a two year usage report on Ubuntu earlier

So I installed Ubuntu on a old laptop using a old discarded USB stick - and it was an eyeopener - lightening fast install - in fact in the time I took to chose Karachi as the city and pick a username and password, most of the files were already copied! Got stuck at at screen for a minute as the forward button was grayed out, until I realized Linux only accepts lower case usernames - a quick google search revealed the answer, but I can imagine thousands of ppl staring at that disable button wondering how to move onwards frin there…

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