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#21 2011-02-13 21:20:25

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Re: Nokia and Microsoft partnership

that's totally for sure. It's obvious. It's just to get a Non-American company down and completely sweep clean from the way.

I some times think (awkwardly) that it could just be a pre-planned process to give a Non-Finnish CEO to Nokia. Of course it's Nokia's board who is sole responsible for it. If the board was perfect they could have thought a lot better than this.

So what could be a best choice for Microsoft to deploy Windows Phone platform to whole world's mobile phones into the real competition? other than partnering Nokia?

In my view as I already said, It's now gonna be the best ever decision for Microsoft partnering with Nokia. But exactly the opposite nature of this benefit is gonna be for Nokia.

I was surprised when Elop called the Windows Phone platform(with the fewer userbase) the 3rd ecosystem over Symbian(which was the most used Mobile OS for years) and over the MeeGo (truly getting popular more than WP7 even before release).
I am afraid to say that if He really had written a single line of code for Mobile platforms... (kidding)

A better solution would have been to adopt both Android / Windows Phone 7 as the OS

These thoughts prove that the strategy wasn't planned as to give benefit to Nokia but to give benefit to Microsoft, another American company to get really into the competition with Apple and Google. If it really was about to benefit Nokia then there were many options but not to adopt Windows Phone and to kill their own Softwares.

Can you see that the Top 3 Mobile Phone OSes are now gonna be from 3 American Companies? Nokia was just a bone for them to achieve global market.
Nokia was the top Manufacturer since years with having propriety OS. But now this fact has been gone false since the day of partnership.

Not only MeeGo was the risk for them. The Qt  (getting popular as a cross-platform development framework for mobile to desktop(windows-linux)) was also a threat specifically to Microsoft. And now Microsoft is fully free of these risks.

There is a lot of Nokia Employees having practical sense while leaving the jobs on the base of non-trusty believe(any more) on Nokia. I've read a lot of them. many are just pretending to be loyal with Nokia thinking that there is nothing gonna happen with Symbian and MeeGo e.g. the one argument was 150 Symbian devices are yet to come. another was MeeGo is the experimental platform and having lot of innovation capabilities, one more is Qt team pretending to be the part of Nokia.... Yeah yeah yeah..... of course they really won't want to think of their loss.. but Come'on when the CEO clearly says "Windows Phone will be the Primary platform for Nokia" if I was a developer, I surely won't work for Symbian or MeeGo. What would you do practically.

Wish (but not hoping) for Nokia to realize it quickly what they have done with the leadership of a fake CEO.

The closing point of mine is that
Nokia wanted the American Market which still Nokia won't get better than now it's having there.
Microsoft wanted the Global Mobile Phone market for which 11-2-11 has been the best day for Microsoft to fulfill it's dreams.

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#22 2011-02-13 23:00:13

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Re: Nokia and Microsoft partnership

Somwhere i was reading about this thing said by a Nokia spokesperson. He said that Andriod handsets stay on the top for not more than a week or two and then there are new handsets or a new Andriod version in the line where the handset looses all the appeal.

Andriod is already fierce in competition and the market is totally saturated. Where google branded handsets are always on the royal position.

I think they are right, it is so frustrating that it even makes the consumers stuck in a dilemma if they should wait for a new version handset or not. Apple OS and WM7 are on the hand not so frequent in updating, which makes it less miserable for the producers of handsets and the consumers. Plus they can focus on one product's design/marketing/support rather than spending resources on every new phone.

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#23 2011-02-14 01:09:00

From: Pakistan
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Re: Nokia and Microsoft partnership

Oh! Elop, while clearing the confusions in live Mobile World Congress about the Symbian/MeeGo/Qt, says that they are not gonna be dead as soon as people lead to believe..
as soon as.... means? they would be definitely, perhaps later than we thought... huh!

But good to have a glimpse of a new Look & Feel to coming Symbian^3 devices. along with better processors e.g. GHz and other better hardware.

* ship volumes of Symbian devices in the coming months and years.
* significant improvements in hardware and software for upcoming Symbian products

So they are now pumping up?
If true... then good for a bit more time for Symbian devices to have new apps and software updates...

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#24 2011-02-14 19:30:15

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Re: Nokia and Microsoft partnership

You are right that more enhancements will come but the question is who will buy devices from dieing platform, developer will not develop for it because they see no potential. Nokia is already late and with lacking features of windows phone, like no multitasking, no file manager, no bluetooth, swapping memory card requires hard reset, etc, they will not be able to compete.


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