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Internet Recommendation for Karachi, April 2008

I get asked this question frequently - What is the best ISP in Karachi? My recommendation to everyone these days is Maxcom. It’s a Karachi only ISP at the time being, but has great service and prices. I’ve switched to … Continue reading

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One more reason to avoid .pk domains

A few days ago PKNIC, the registrar for .pk domains, terminated the domain name without informing it’s owner, and transferred it to Telenor, who has a trademark by the same name. In another country they would have to contact … Continue reading

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What Smartphone, Jan - March 2008 edition

The cellphone is dead, long live the smartphone! In all fairness, despite the advent of the iphone and the many Windows mobile devices, the smartphone is not quite there yet. My old smartphone - a Nokia 6120 is taking a … Continue reading

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