What Smartphone, Jan - March 2008 edition

    The cellphone is dead, long live the smartphone! In all fairness, despite the advent of the iphone and the many Windows mobile devices, the smartphone is not quite there yet.

    My old smartphone - a Nokia 6120 is taking a hike to greener pastures, so a new one is needed.

    The options are, in table form:


    Nokia N82

    Nokia N81

    Nokia N95

    Nokia E61i

    BB 8310

    HTC Touch


    Screen Size











    Pretty Cool

    Cool (just)






    Damn Usable.




    It’s a BB. Semi-Usable.

    More a PDA than a phone


    Unlocking, updating

    Looks a bit ugly, biggish

    Size is nice, but too fat

    Too thick

    It’s wiiide

    Office phone, keyboard

    Freezes on and off

    Use as Actual Phone






    5/10 - hard to type numbers



    2MP, Sucks but usable

    5MP, brilliant camera, can replace a phone

    2MP, so so camera

    5MP, Brilliant camera, but no lens cover

    2MP, very so-so camera

    Shit, basically unusable

    Shit, unusable


    8 GB


    8 GB

    8 GB

    Close to Zilch

    Close to Zilch

    Close to Zilch









    These phones represent the current top of the pops smartphones available in Karachi. The ones not on this list don’t belong here, especially the high-end Sony’s as all the good ones like the P1i and the W960 don’t support Edge. All the above phones support GPRS Edge AND Wifi.

    Here is a short overview, gathered from reading many reviews on the internet, and encounters in the wild with these phones:

Apple Iphone

    This, frankly, is both overrated and underrated at the same time. The interface is amazing, but where the Iphone falls short is the lack of native apps. There are no ebook readers, no Opera Mini (the best browser for the small screen), and a whole laundry list of other features which any other smart phone has.

    But where it bets them all, is the wonderfully responsive touch interface, which leaves other touch phones choking on so much dust that most of them have checked out of the race into a asthma ward.

    Have you ever seen anyone showing off a picture album on any other phone? No, even though Windows based phones have had very nice large screens for years - cause it’s just so bloody hard that it takes all the fun out of it!

Nokia N82

    This is a brilliant phone, and the most phone like phone out of all the smartphones on the market - and on top of all that, has a proper 5MP camera with xenon flash bolted on.

    The screen size is the only drawback here. It’s just not that much bigger than a regular phones.

    Drawbacks: Flashy color, large size - looks too much like the cellphones of ages gone by.

Nokia N95 8GB

    Same as the N82, except a slider with a much bigger screen.

    Very nice, but there is this little something missing. The phone feels too much like a child’s toy, which is a serious downer considering it’s for 42K!

Nokia N81 8GB

    This is a good option for a phone + music player all in one. The drawback compared to the two phones above is the camera - it’s the normal sucky cellphone camera. Oh, and there’s no GPS either, but in Pakistan that’s a useless feature anyways.

    All the three Nokia’s are very similar, sunning the same software, with the only difference being the form factor and screen size.

Nokia E61i

    The most sensible phone of the entire lot. It easily out blackberries the blackberry, and does just about everything a pc can do.

    This would be the perfect phone, but then you have to join the cult of the qwerty keyboard. There are people who swear by them, and can do wondrous things with them, but pecking away at those teeny tiny qwerty keys isn’t for everybody!

the not-really biased conclusion: The Apple iPhone!

    Screen size and quality is important, very important. The iphone has the most crippled software out of the box of any smartphone, even going back to the Jurassic age of smartphones, but the 160 DPI screen is wow! For consuming content, it can’t be beat. If you’re not a geek, than the iphone is the only phone which you’ll actually be able to use all the advanced features, so that’s a pretty big plus point right there.

    The only issue (read pain in the ass) is the fact that it has be unlocked, so everytime Apple releases a new update you have to jump though a few hoops to update the device.

    The phone I ended up buying: Sadly, monetary reality intervened, and I’m sticking with a 5000Rs. Phone for now. After all, they do practically everything these more expensive flashy phones do, don’t they?

    Um, No.

    They don’t.

    If you actually use the many whizbang features of today’s phones, then they’re so far better than the el-cheapo models that it’s definitely worth the price.

    But the bling, oh the bling! My next device will the iPhone v2.0, which either Nokia or Apple should be coming out near the end of this year.

    The perfect phone isn’t out yet, but the iphone is close, oh so close.

    The biggest reason to wait till the summer is the upcoming Google Android, which is going to shake up the cell phone market. The release of the Apple SDK for the Iphone should lead to a lot of new hotness for the Iphone.

    Exciting times ahead for cell phone toting humans, as the cellphone becomes increasingly usably useful.

    After such a long review, the best value for money smartphone remains the Nokia 6120 Classic at 13,500 Rs, doing everything the phones above do, and at a much nicer form factor. The only drawback is the screen size, which is a smallish 2 inches, but the screen quality comes in a second, before the Iphone, and after all the other phones listed above.

Other websites

    http://whatmobile.com.pk/ :: This is the website I use to look up cell phone prices and availability in Pakistan. I’ve found the shops are generally selling at these prices, or in some cases lower. So it’s pretty accurate.

    http://www.mobileburn.com/ :: Comprehensive reviews of cellphones

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7 Responses to What Smartphone, Jan - March 2008 edition

  1. hammad says:

    well i have and imate smartphone 2005 OS

    and i m too much much happy from this cell ,
    i am using , TCPMp player for Media , using IE and opera for internet , using telenor Edege , using pre installed msn messenger and hotmail , all things that i want

    Great cell

  2. batholith says:

    The HTC Tytn II is something to consider. Great device, very capable, no hang ups, good interface.

    The Nokia E51 is quite impressive, as well. Nice form factor and very usable. Lacks GPS.

    GPS is usable in Pakistan with Google Maps for mobiles.

  3. Junaid says:

    black berry is best, for regular use, iphone is best of them all but its too sleek to be use rigidly.

  4. I’ve actually invested in a Nokia N82. Never been happier. The camera quality is superb, it’s incredibly fast, and as a smart-phone, it syncs perfectly with both my work PC and my home Mac, handling everything without any drama. I had some issues with the look when I saw it online, but in your hand, it works out really well. I just can’t handle the iPhone because of (a) the updates/bricking issue, and (2) because I feel like from a hardware perspective, I’m not getting enough bang for my buck. But in another year or so, I’d probably change over.

  5. judy says:

    Dear sales
    We would like to know if you have Nokia N95 8Gb ,kindly get back to me with the best price if available on your stock
    Waiting for you shortly

    Mrs Judy
    Plot 2 south st
    Mabilizi building
    Tel 256-712253466

  6. Send the prices of misical instruments especially keyboard from the that of the highest price to the least priced one.

  7. I usually use some other good mobile website to see Prices in Pakistan. Mobile industry is moving very fast in Pakistan.

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