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Mobilink launches Wimax

by KO on July 2nd, 2008

Welcome Letter One more Wimax competitor enters the market. Hopefully they’ll function better than Wateen. Their press release is below, more later once details emerge.

On the negative side, I was promised a trial Mobilink Wimax broadband connection sometime back in Jan, and a couple of months ago someone from Mobilink got in touch and said they were about to setup the trial connection - but it never materliazed.

We have launched our broadband services in Karachi on July 1 with the name of  Mobilink Infinity.

This is a big day in the history of Mobilink – a step into providing cutting edge broadband services for our customers and enabling the next cycle of growth and opportunities for Mobilink.  In a country with 165 million people, 12 million already access the internet and only 128 thousand have access to broadband. Our aim is to make this an affordable and accessible service for the masses as we have done with GSM.

Mobilink Infinity is now a full fledged operational business within Mobilink. Mobilink Infinity will provide high speed and reliable internet connectivity along with access to a landline through VoIP.

Pricing Information

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  1. This seems pretty over-priced in terms of the security deposit and the initial startup charges? I’m leery of WiMax in PK for now…until it’s really rock-solid, I’d probably be OK with my GPRS :)

  2. /\ /\/ /\ /\/\ permalink

    Salam everyone,

    Well if we compare it with wateen, the initial setup cost 6000 and monthly fee 1200 makes it 18000 for an year.

    But the line in the end states that, the offer is valid till October, i wonder will unlimited data offer be available after October.

    With so much confusion in packages (e.g. wateen billing and cheating), its hard to trust any of these big companies when you have deaf and dumb PTA established in Pakistan.

    God save us all users from corporate level cheating.

  3. deltree permalink

    The rates are nice but the problem is that the latency on the wimax connections is sucide for a gamer, and when the name involves mobilink things are bound to get messy. If later on they decide to introduce additional charges then one can expect what one experienced with wateen and probably even worse!

  4. Jazzz permalink

    hello dere…

    well i got the external connection. good customer satisfaction.

    *im getting 120kbps of download on 1mb connection.

    *the up load load is 550kbps.

    *the VoIP is good

    * Draw Back is if the keep the customer satisfaction n giving the good quality of service and we have no clue about its packages after 31st october.

    As far about Wateen they are out of stock for external device and having signal issues. the customer service is poor. you have to run after them for connection

    in moblink well educated people coming over to install the equipment. well behaved and good interaction with customer. and most of all thing they listen to you.

    I hope their package is good in the market after launching its mega launch of its product

  5. Shumail permalink

    Come 0n dude, every c0mpany hired educated pe0ple these days. I d0n’t kn0w why i read alm0st the same c0mplains everytime I’m on a techn0 f0rum. So far, wateen and I are having a jolly g00d time here. I hated the service a m0nth ag0 as I had s0me pr0blems with accessibility. But n0w, things are different. service is c00l yaar. I d0n’t know much ab0ut M0bilink’s wimax but I think they are having a g00d c0mpetitions. I ve also read about Mobilink, having the damn same issue in its start. But now, Wateen’s services are definitely going to be better. In my opinion, there are a few reason. The company has spent a pretty good time, experiencing several things and Mobilink has just been in the market. Mobilink ll be growing its network while wateen will enhance it. Moreover, Wateen has been collaborating with several leading companies.

  6. HUMA GUL permalink

    Wateen is the best service, i check the mobilink its coverage is very poor compare to Wateen, any way when it launch completely then we check it again but right now very poor

  7. Asif Rauf permalink

    Hey, I am using Wateen’s Wimax Broadband internet its very fast and reliable, but the problem of downloading limit is very crutial to those users who want to download data, soon wateen will offer unlimited downloading, hope it could be best for us, while I heard the Mobilink user’s bed experience but Mobilink is new in Wimax let give time to be perfect.

  8. What is the smtp server address of this service…… mobilink help cant help me out

  9. Khalid Siraj permalink

    What will happen if we purchase Mobilink packahe i.e installation Rs.6000/- Security Rs.2000/- and Rs.1200/-per month tariff. This is a private company, it increases its rates suddenly yhen what will a customer do at that time,

  10. wajeeh permalink

    aah, mobilink is always costy. y ? some one telll me please . i think wateen is better if we compare rates . :) i am using wateen .

  11. I am using MOBILINK WIMAX from almost a month the service is EXCELLENT i am getting downloading rate of almost 125KBPS which is fantastic……. i am really happy that there is no downloading limit.

    and as far as wateen is concern i have used wateen almost 6 months in starting it was good but from now on it is dumb.
    and the bandwidth which they are giving is to low only 15GB
    they must revised there packages else mobilink will hack all the users because service is excellent.

    any one want connection then here is my number 0321-2042107.

  12. Sidra Khan permalink

    Bloggers are most welcomed [email protected] ICT awards, which is organized at Karachi Marriott Hotel On Oct 31, 08 at Friday. Here wateen will provide free Wiamx service.
    For further details
    Here You can find details about event.

  13. ali sabri permalink

    Wateen is providing wonderful services all over Pakistan.Now they improvrd their coverage alot.While with mobilink we have to keep in ming “May Be Link” which we have experiened with their GSM service.As far as wimax is concerned I will put my all money on WATEEN.

  14. ALI permalink

    WEll, after reading all this, I would like to know, if anyone can guide, that is how much would switching from WATEEN to MOBILINK, or vice versa? will the device need to be changed, or we can use the same device for the both the service providers? Please highlight the SWITCHING COST…

  15. Excluding their special offer, the actual cost is unrealistically expensive.
    Compare that to Wateen, they can setup your connection with in-door receiver for about Rs 6500 including one month fees for the basic package.

  16. saima permalink

    I watched news regarding wateen Wcard. I thought should be shared to every one. It is the best way:))
    The offer is
    . free national n International calls
    . Unlimited surf and downloading
    .50% extra minuted o calling card
    . This valid from 8 Dec to 10 Dec midnight

    If you guys want to get this offer, don’t you waste your time any more

  17. Maria permalink

    Slam 2 all – Although some people talk negative things about Wateen, but still wateen has some bright side as well. Wateen is used to introduce new packages and offers that can meet the customers’ requirements. For instance Wateen has recently announced its new wireless freedom package which includes the broadband internet for as low as 499 per month and the internet speed can be up to 1 Mbps (but the charges are a bit different), along with this it is also offering Wateen to Wateen call free for life.. Absolutely free! You can visit for more details.

  18. Tipu permalink

    Wateen is Green. Wateen is first who has launch Wi-max and offcourse it was a crucial time for wateen to launch the Wi-Max in 22 cities at the same time and their network is stable now and after 1 year of launching wateen, mobilnk is going to launch wi-max in karachi only and i hope that mobilink would be very costly as they are still expensive in GSM. i m using wateen and they are raelly providing good services.

  19. anoushey permalink

    “Wateen’s Amazing Offer!

    Wateen; the leading WiMax service provider offers Broadband internet and telephony for economical rates. You can now surf with internet for as low as Rs. 499 and turbo charge your internet speed to 1 Mbps for only Rs.799. Whether, it is gaming, downloading or any live streaming… get connected with Wateen today to enjoy true connectivity. Further more experience Wateen to Wateen calls Free for Life with a crystal clear voice, for as low as 40 paisas. Be a Wateen family member!!

  20. Kon si company ka edge best hey.
    Nokia 6233 gprs/edge
    class 10 /236.8 kbps

  21. thanks to mobilink it solves a problem we were facing since a decay, now mo tension we and infinity alsways online

  22. This is very good news.I like Jazz services.

  23. it is just better to use the usb wireless connection of Wimax which is really quite speedy

  24. im using it and it really is a good service

  25. USMAN permalink


  26. USMAN permalink

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  28. the nice thing about broadband internet is that it gets cheaper each year*-~

  29. what is mobilink balance inquiry code.

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