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Forum rules

Keep politics and religion out of it; this forum is about all things tech in Pakistan. That is about it, but if you want more, there's more below:

Before you start a new thread
* - First things first, choose your forum appropriately.
* - Next, using the forum's search feature, check that there isn't a thread on the subject already.
* - No one is allowed to represent a company as a customer representative (or any other official) unless they prove their identity to the forum administration. This is to protect both the forum members as well as the company.
* - Referral links are not allowed in any form (that includes posts, signatures, profiles).

Starting your new thread
* - When starting threads, please try to title them as clearly and concisely as possible.
* - This next bit is really important: Don't just start your thread with a one-line comment or question or a link to another website or news story. If you want people to discuss a news story, link to the story, summarize what the story is about and propose some areas of discussion or state your opinion. This forum is a place for quality discussion - one-liner or link-only thread-starts are generally considered pretty lazy and usually end up in unsatisfying discussions and arguments about whether the thread should be deleted or not.
* - Any threads dealing with politics, religion, or are indecent/offensive/inflammatory/insulting will be closed.
* - PayPal/RapidShare account sales and/or account [login] credential sharing are not allowed.

When replying to an existing thread
* - Please do not be personally rude even when people are really really annoying. Always try and argue the point not the person. If you get into a big fight with someone, it's hard to get out of the spiral. Flame-wars never end well and we try to avoid them because sometimes people get cornered and go nuts and we have to boot them out. This is regrettable and (thankfully) rare.
* - Don't reply to people if you think they are being rude/offensive. Just report the post using the 'report' button on the bottom right of every post.
* - Do NOT try to police the forum under any circumstances.

* - You are allowed to advertise your website, product or service in ONE thread only.
* - Multiple/duplicate threads for the same advertisement or topic are not allowed.
* - Spammers may or may not be warned before appropriate action is taken against them. This can include, but is not limited to, deletion/editing of the spam post and possibly the spammers username being banned/deleted.
* - The admin team withholds all rights as to the determination of spam and the subsequent action taken against spammers.

In a nutshell:
* - Do not troll on the board.
* - Don't bicker pointlessly.
* - Do not harass other board members.
* - Don't rot threads.
* - Don't post angry.
* - Don't mistake inquiry for insult.
* - Posts with links to warez and/or piracy sites and/or content will be deleted. In some cases, the links only will be removed.
* - All posts not in English or Urdu (in Urdu script) will be deleted.
* - All messages posted in CAPS will be deleted.
* - Do NOT spam.
* - This forum is not run as a democracy. The admin team has the final say in all matters. This is not up for debate.
* - Ignorance of these rules will NOT be accepted as a valid excuse to break them.

The Buy/Sell/Trade forum is governed by its own set of rules which can be read here.

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